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March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

Jenny Doh Editor-in-Chief
What a thrill it is to welcome our Guest Curators for our launch week of CRESCENDOh: Kelly Rae Roberts, Danita, Rebecca Sower, and Pam Garrison. Check out all the cool projects and inspiration that they point us to, and read their amazing stories about the power of art. This week's episode of CRESCENDOh TV features two very talented youth from Orange County High School of the Arts. There will be something new every day at CRESCENDOh.com. I hope you'll stay a while to enjoy all that we have to offer.
If grunge paper is wrong, I don't ever want to be right.   That's Totally hOT!
Check out these fun gift and décor
items by Kelly Rae Roberts.
  I own two of these and wear them over jeans, under shorter dresses. Love them.
Kelly Rae Roberts Guest Curator
Every once in a while I receive an email, like this following one, that takes my breath away and births a major awakening in my life ...

This artfully done video combining photography and one moving essay will make you jump for joy.


Loving how Anthropologie has created a Web site for art and inspiration.
Very cool.


Pretending until we're not pretending anymore.


Danita Guest Curator
I like a saying in Spanish that translates something like, "Share your joys to the world, save your sorrows to yourself." Art helps me a lot to deal with my problems. I suffer from depression and I'm not on medication (I've tried it but I got a false sense of happiness ... more like an "I don't care" thing). I have my ups and downs and you can see it in my art ...
 Art can be made anywhere...   Definitely... art saves!   A great way to make children's drawings last forever!

Rebecca Sower Guest Curator
Haiti has been a part of my heart and my life for several years. To date I have only traveled to Haiti once, returning back home eight days before the earthquakes of January 2010 ...

Beauty and inspiration from Africa.


Needle and thread art. I am in awe.


Something I wrote a year ago, and what a year it's been.


Pam Garrison Guest Curator
Ahhh, art. Isn't it great? I have loved creating my whole life and will continue to, I'm sure. No matter what I'm into at the moment, creativity is a constant companion. To expand on that thought, I'll give an example. Not too long ago I found myself feeling really hurt by a friend. It caught me very off guard and left me feeling unusually vulnerable. I never expected that from this particular friendship; I never saw it coming ...
Oh my! I tried to make one of these on my own, but now I'm thrilled to find I don't need to, nor do you.   I could watch this over and over and over again.   I really want a tattoo.





Readers Share
CRESCENDOh readers share their personal "Art Saves" stories
LK Ludwig
I believe I have always been a photographer ...
  Carol Weiler
Art has always been an important part of my life but never more so ...
  René Groom
For me, writing has been a "one true constant" ...


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