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May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010

Jenny Doh Editor-in-Chief

It's Monday. That means it's time to welcome our new guest curators and Readers Share Contributors: Laura, Connie, Kelly, the Creative Therapy Team, Coleen, Olive, and Niki. Thank you for joining us. We have all worked hard to prepare a very special week for you.

Stenciled burlap
corkboard tutorial.


That's Totally hOT!
Adorable tags by
The Farm Chicks.

  Stenciled burlap chair cover tutorial.

Laura Kaufmann Guest Curator
Art is the perfect antidote to worry. For it is when we are immersed in creating art ... whether it be writing, painting, sewing, singing, knitting, scrap-booking, gardening, photography or all the other myriad of ways to express our creativity ... it is then that we feel safest ...


A beautiful and informative blog, always inspirational.


Altered art at its best.


Buckets full of inspiration.


Connie Hozvicka Guest Curator
I have an 8-foot painting of a Goddess that hangs on the wall at the foot of my bed. I purposely placed her there as a daily reminder of why I am here. What my life is about ...
Are you ready to fall in LOVE?.   These journals make me swoon!   I adore this snippet of art journal history.

Kelly Warren Guest Curator
I have been blessed with a happy spirit. Sure, everyone has her share of struggles, and I've had mine. My parents have had five marriages and divorces between the two of them, my mother attempted suicide and then a year later did take her own life, and I miscarried twins two days after losing her ...

Fun paper flowers.


Fun, simple and kid-friendly.


Making a dream.


Karen Grunberg Guest Curator
When I was little, I hung out with this group of kids who were my parents' friends' children. They were really mean to me and didn't really want me around. So, I've always had this idea that I didn't belong and people didn't like being around me ...
The creative therapy team shares how art has
saved them with Jenny Doh
as our guest artist.
  Karen: Tree-filled art for 5 Days. 5 Ways challenge and the beginnings of an art journal   Karen: Katie's amazing project gives me chills and reminds me, once again, that art always saves.





Readers Share
CRESCENDOh readers share their personal "Art Saves" stories
Coleen Sohn
We all have stories ... what art means to us ...
  Olive Appleby
Who Am I? I am ME. It has taken a lifetime ...
  Niki Jackson
As a child growing up in England, art always ...


Awareness of the World is one of CRESCENDOh's most treasured values. It is a value integral to developing respect and compassion for others. In the Know provides links to interesting articles that help us discover the world around us.

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