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June 9, 2010

June 9, 2010

Jenny Doh Editor-in-Chief

I'll always remember what Alumni Curator Michelle Ward said about the creative process ... that it doesn't have to be minimal nor epic for it to be valid. It simply needs to be expressed. So whether it's a small bracelet or a large sculpture, let's make art!

Love this simple bracelet tutorial by
My Knotty Thoughts.


That's Totally hOT!
Awesome mylar stencils for paper and altered art projects.

  Check out
Jolanta Surma's epic macrame works of art.

Pam Carriker Guest Curator
As I sat down to write how art has saved me, I wasn't sure where to begin. You see, art has saved me so many times over the course of my life - sometimes in little ways, but countless times. It's saved me in the highs of my life and the lows ...


Seth Apter has his finger on the pulse of the art community.


Orly Avineri shares her
art journal weekly.


Save Your Paint Brushes!


Mary Beth Shaw Guest Curator
When my pager went off during a bikini wax I knew it was time. The year was 2000. I was living in San Francisco, a city I rarely saw as I was traveling so much in my job as Account Manager for a large insurance company; it was my responsibility to manage self-insured manufacturers. I had a secretary. An office with a fabulous view ...
Going solo.   Love this art.   Painting library on video. You must watch the dry Monoprint technique.

Lisa Field-Elliot Guest Curator
I couldn't help but notice the way the afternoon glow from the window came through the sheer curtain and played with her hair. Or how those vivid orange baby sneakers made his first footsteps all the more interesting ...

I am a sucker for the color blue.


This flip-book by a fantastic fair-trade company defines my style perfectly.


For me, art is about these moments, and all the others in-between.


Andrea Tarling Guest Curator
From a very early age I can remember going to flea markets, antique shops, and thrift stores all the time. We would go in search of things for him to create with - from making jewelry to crafting clocks, my dad loved to create. I am sure that's where my desire to search for treasures and to create came from ...
Flea market finds
that inspire.
  I love her style and blog.
I am her biggest fan.
  A world of colors.





Readers Share
CRESCENDOh readers share their personal "Art Saves" stories
Sandra Lee
My story begins back when I was a small girl ...
  Lynda Wilson
While I'd rather not dwell in the past of my childhood ...
  Louise Dancause
There are two ways I could start this story ...


Awareness of the World is one of CRESCENDOh's most treasured values. It is a value integral to developing respect and compassion for others. In the Know provides links to interesting articles that help us discover the world around us.

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