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August 28, 2010

August 28, 2010

Jenny Doh Editor-in-Chief

The thing about hearts is that even when they are shaped with the humblest of materials, they make a BIG impact. Check out the hearts made with recycled cereal bags by masterful upcycler, Becky Shander, in our Studio CRESCENDOh.

Check out this incredible egg shell art by Franc Grom.

That's Totally hOT!
Yarn cutter in
pretty pendant disguise.


Tracy Porter Guest Curator
Indeed it really does. It saves, it gives us a chance ... sometimes a second chance. It nurtures ... humbles ... it winds its lovely self into the hearts and souls of those who make it and those who appreciate it. It can be used to heal, to find one's self, and to help find ...

I lived in France for a few years and always found Ines La Fressange to be the epitome of the elegant French woman, in her fanciful home, her poetic ways.


I am enamored by nature ... inspired and in awe. This artful take on using wood as the entire interior makes my mouth water.


I am a big believer in being true to yourself. This is from a post I created this year, lovely to inspire you or something to pass onto a friend.


Rachel Killpack Guest Curator
My background as an artist is no different than my background as a person. It is my family, my friends, and the natural world around me. Every piece I make has my entire existence as its background. I'm not saying this to sound esoteric or sensational; it's really how I view my creative process ...
Vintage-inspired corsage.   Little lovelies my friend Melissa creates. What a talented girl she is.   Beautiful cards.

Brandy Faulkner Guest Curator
My whole life I have struggled with depression, mood swings, and severe anxiety. I never felt I fit in or had a purpose. I KNEW there was some reason I ...

You don't get more girly than this.


A cute cottage.


My favorite place to play.


Teresa Sheeley Guest Curator
I remember being 5 years old and wanting attention of some kind at that moment in time, but the grown ups were too busy talking to each other because my daddy had just passed away. I grabbed a coloring book and my crayons and sprawled out on the floor, belly first, head propped up, and legs criss-crossed behind me ...
The little black bra.   She does have the most lovely designs.   Leah does it all!



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Denmark by Mark Smith.

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