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December 22, 2010


December 22, 2010

Words of Wisdom

I had chosen to use my work as a reflection of my values.

{Sidney Poitier}

recycled wool mittens   embellished tank top   felt mitten ornament tutorial
Recycled Wool
Mittens Tutorial.


That's Totally hOT!

Alisa Burke:
Embellished tank top tutorial.

  Little Family Fun:
Felt Mitten
Ornament Tutorial.

Creative Carmelina
Lovey Guest Curator
When I started my journey down this path of vintage photos and fabrics I was so unpolished. It was new to me. So many people were already making collages. Where would I fit in this crowd of talented artists ...

  Laughing with Angels   Lovey

Creative Carmelina:
Carmelina is an extremely talented and gifted artist. Everything she creates comes out so beautifully. I enjoyed reading this post because it showed her process for creating something beautiful in monotone.


Laughing With Angels:
June is such an inspiration to me. Her gift of love pours out beautifully in her garden and home. I love her heart and creative eye for decorating. This post is simply a touch of her love in
"beautiful white" and "really pretty."


I've enjoyed posting these photos of my Studio Haven because it gave me the opportunity to share a small glance into my heart for art. My love for vintage photos and fabrics blended together in harmony is the driving force for my fabric photo collages.


Marie French Marie French Guest Curator
I was first influenced by art at a very early age, as my mother is a very creative person and artist in her own right. We grew up in a very creative household. We moved a lot because my father was in the military, so we were creative in our household with everything from meals to Christmas gifts. I have two brothers and two sisters and we are all creative ...
Marie French   ullabenulla   Corey Amaro
Marie French:
Fabulous projects,
craft kits, and magic.
  Tongue in Cheek:
Corey Amaro's photos, her lifestyle, and her delicious writing are a must-visit.

For the Love of ... Artwear
Ruffled Leaf Tee Tutorial   belt tutorial   how to sew a capelet
Positively Splendid:
Ruffled Leaf Tee Tutorial.
  No Big Dill:
The Girdy Belt Tutorial.
  Prudent Baby:
How to sew a capelet + FREE pattern!.

For the Love of ... Metal  
tin can gift   tin can luminaries   metal stamping kit
Neighbor gift in a tin can.
Tin Can
Punch Light Tutorial.
  Begin Again:
Metal Stamping Kit.

Titles to Remember Book Reviews

altered and stamped planter pot tutorial   365   The Creative Family
Heap of Joy
Altered & Stamped
Planter Pot Tutorial

365: A Daily Creativity Journal
by Noah Scalin
{Voyageur Press}


The Creative Family
by Amanda Blake Soule


Readers Share
"Art Saves" Stories

  Chance to Win
Our favorite giveaways from the blogworld
  Pay It Forward
Lynn Corona   fabric shopper   Not For Sale: End Human Trafficking and Slavery
Lynn Corona
I am experiencing a change in my approach to life ...

Fabric Shopper
is giving away sewing patterns and yardage of yummy fabrics.

Enter by 12/24/10


Not For Sale: End Human Trafficking and Slavery.
Submit your Pay it Forward videos or stories with photos to

The Place to Be The Art of Creative Cooking   Artistic Color Palettes
Rachel Emilie Jackson   ground chicken lettuce wraps   CRESCENDOh Palette
Rachel Emilie Jackson's
Romancing the Paper
Online Workshop

Complete events listing here
  Goodlive Eats:
Ground Chicken
Lettuce Wraps.

OMG! The Best of Etsy

crocheted petal earrings

handcarved rubber stamps

BrotherWorks: Crocheted petal earrings.

lilimandrill: Custom handcarved rubber stamps.

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