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January 7, 2011


Friday, January 7, 2011

Words of Wisdom

The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea.

{Vladimir Nabakov}

typewriter key bouquet   felt heart wedding bouquet   sewing pattern paper flowers
"I Do" it yourself:
DIY Typewriter key bouquet.


That's Totally hOT!

La Belle Bride:
DIY Felt Heart Wedding Bouquet.

  Epheriell Designs:
Sewing Pattern Paper Flowers Tutorial.

little red fox
Marisa Lynch Guest Curator
Art Saves ... you could pretty much say that that phrase was my MO this whole year. After getting laid off, preparing to turn 30, and dealing with a personal creative-funk crisis ...

Marisa Lynch
  Rifle Paper Co.   New Dress a Day

Little Red Fox:
I heart these the most.


Rifle Paper Co.:
JI would have my life written in monograms, caricatures and flowers if it were possible. :)


New Dress a Day:
Christmas: Before


Tammy Gilley Tammy Gilley Alumni Curator
She is the keeper of the tribal history,
the soulful voice of the clan.
Whispering the stories of the ancients
into the ears of the babes ...
Tammy Gilley   Kaffe Fassett   Peter Mayle
Tammy Gilley:
Creativity is not tidy!
  Kaffe Fassett:
This is who I want to be like when I grow up. He. Does. Everything! Fabric designer, painter, mosaic artist, needlepoint-er. Love him!
  Peter Mayle:
I read "A Year in Provence" every January. I studied there in college & dream about the day I will return. He keeps the dream alive with his books & photos.

For the Love of ... Edible Crafts
thank you cookies   personalized birthday pie   candy heart bracelets tutorial
Lovely Indeed
Thank you cookies.
  merriment design:
Personalized birthday rhubarb berry pie.
  Brown Paper Packages:
Candy Heart
Bracelets Tutorial.

For the Love of ... Home  
yarn wreath tutorial   target flower pillow tutorial   patchwork dish towel tutorial
Danielle Burkleo:
Yarn wreath tutorial.
  I Create It:
Target Flower Pillow Tutorial.
Patchwork Dish Towel Tutorial.

Titles to Remember Book Reviews

Shona Cole   Making Handmade Books   Masters Collage
Safe at Home
by Shona Cole

Making Handmade Books
by Alisa Golden
{Lark Crafts}


Masters Collage
{Lark Crafts}


Readers Share
"Art Saves" Stories

  Chance to Win
Our favorite giveaways
from the blogworld
  Pay It Forward
Pamela Cail   ilovetocreate.com   Kiva.org
Pamela Cail
Heart. This powerful word describes me and everything ...

is giving away something cool every day.


Kiva.org: Loans That Change Lives.
Submit your Pay it Forward videos or stories with photos to
[email protected].

The Good Coach


Quinn McDonald

Jason Thompson

Quinn McDonald
Thoughts from life and certified creativity coach,
writer, and artist Quinn McDonald.

Jason Thompson
Author of Playing with Books
and co-proprietor of Rag & Bone Bindery.

The Place to Be The Art of Creative Cooking   Artistic Color Palettes
The Farm Chicks   mochi balls   CRESCENDOh Palette
Join Serena Thompson
Ki Nassauer, Heather Bullard & Jenny Doh at
The Farm Chicks Antiques Show

Complete events listing here
  A Food Lover's Journey:
Vietnamese mochi balls with dark palm
sugar filling.

OMG! The Best of Etsy

Boobie Beanie

arctic animal finger puppets

SarasStitches: Boobie Beanie.

babyanimals: Arctic Animal Finger Puppets.

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