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February 16, 2011

CRESCENDOh: That's Totally Hot
braid and bun yarn wreath

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CRESCENDOh: Words of Wisdom
A shot glass of desire is greater than a pitcher of talent.

{Andy Munthe}
CRESCENDOh: Staccato

Braid & Bun Yarn Wreath Tutorial.

L to R: 1. Mrs. Greene. 2. Instructables. 3. Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard.

eat drink chic
Megan Hunt Guest Curator
I feel like I never "became" an artist any more than I became a daughter or an American or a lover of fashion or a hater of casseroles ...

Megan Hunt
  spunky junky   princess lasertron

Eat Drink Chic:
Dress up your next gift with these free downloadable floral gift tags.


Spunky Junky:
I can't believe I never thought of this easy ribbon organizer idea!


Princess Lasertron:
Photos from one of my recent bridal orders: fancy embroidery, crystals,
and vintage pearls!


Cari Kraft Cari Kraft Guest Curator
I never really thought about what my ART SAVES story would be until Jenny asked me to participate. For me, art has always been a part of my life. My family was very conscientious about using everything we had effectively. Not so much by choice as out of necessity ...
Cari Kraft   Pam Garrison   rebecca sower
Cari Kraft:
What should we make today?
  Pam Garrison:
She is a sweet in person as she is online, with a big heart that is happiest when creating. She taught me and so many others to not be scared and just paint, doodle or stitch.
  Rebecca Sower:
She totally changed my outlook on vintage pieces and found bits of nature. Her use of old cabinet cards started me collecting them everywhere I went.

For the Love of ... Paper  
embellished gift tags tutorial   paper eyelashes   The Pickled Herring
Embellished gift tags tutorial.
Paper eyelashes.
  The Pickled Herring:
Paper hearts from newspapers Tutorial.

For the Love of ... Creative Stitching  
recycled belt cuff tutorial   the modern lady   fabric tray tutorial
Run Lori Run:
Recycled Belt Cuff Tutorial.
  The Modern Lady:
Heart Tree
Carving Embroidery
Pattern & Tutorial.
  Chick Chick Sewing:
Fabric tray tutorial.

Titles to Remember Book Reviews

Crescendoh   bead on a wire   Make Your Own Misfits
Embellished Jars with Letters
by Becky Shander
  Bead on a Wire
by Sharilyn Miller
{North Light Books}
  Make Your Own Misfits
by Fumie Kamijo & Rosie Short
{Cico Books}

Readers Share
"Art Saves" Stories

  Handmade Ever After
Ideas for the BIG day.
  Pay It Forward
Gayle Bodine   brooklyn bride   Animal Place
Gayle Bodine
I have used art as an elixir for depression since I was ...
  Brooklyn Bride:
Use it as a cake topper,
wedding favor, or gift.
  Animal Place:
Compassion for all life.
Submit your Pay it Forward videos or stories with photos to
[email protected].

The Good Coach


Lesley Riley

Meg Allan Cole

This Week :: Your Most Important Art Supply
Thoughts from internationally known artist,
instructor, author and creativity coach:
Lesley Riley
An Interview with :: Meg Allan Cole
DIY maven. Clothing designer. Actress.
Activist. Blogger. Lover of Life.
The Place to Be The Art of Creative Cooking   Artistic Color Palettes
lisa engelbrecht   broccoli cheese soup   CRESCENDOh Palette
Shimmer & Sparkle!
All-Day Workshop with
Lisa Engelbrecht
March 5, 2011
Santa Ana, CA

Complete events listing here
  All Day I Dream
About Food:

Broccoli Cheese Soup.

OMG! The Best of Etsy

porcelain ring

silk ribbon embroidery necklace

MaaPstudio: Los Cabos Porcelain Ring.

bstudio: Silk ribbon embroidery necklace.

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