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February 8, 2011

CRESCENDOh: That's Totally Hot
Sonya Nimri

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CRESCENDOh: Words of Wisdom
You got to get it while you can.

{Janis Joplin}
CRESCENDOh: Staccato

Sonya Nimri:
Cherry Blossom Tapestry for UCLA Commons Window.

L to R: 1. Creature Comforts. 2. Craft Amor. 3. Silly Precious Piggies.

Emily Falconbridge
Rachel Whetzel Guest Curator
Hello. My Name is Rachel. I am an artist. Just three years ago, I never would have told you that. I was always the little girl ...

Rachel Whetzel
  I am art books   OneYearArtJournal

Emily Falconbridge:
Emily hosted THE art journal challenge that got me creating.
She is one of the biggest reasons
I allowed myself to claim my
title as artist.


I Am Art Books:
Linda Woods & her Seester Karen Dinino wrote Journal Revolution. They were instrumental in their writing AND personal encouragement to create where I was. I was even lucky enough to become published in a book with them!


I host art Journal Prompts at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal twice a month.


Lynn Krawczyk Lynn Krawczyk Guest Curator
I'm a firm believer that everything in this life happens for a reason. It's not always easy to see it when you are in the midst of it, particularly if an event is a less than pleasant experience, but when the dust settles and youire able to sit back, you can see the purpose like a blaring neon sign. And then everything makes perfect sense ...
lynn krawczyk   robin ferrier   rossie hutchinson
Lynn Krawczyk:
Loving the imperfect print.
  Robin Ferrier:
Robin's use of color is intoxicating, combining strong clean design and vibrant color in her quilts.
  Rossie Hutchinson:
Rossie has a fresh take on the quilting, bringing the modern quilt movement to the forefront of her blogging.

For the Love of ... Valentine  
smashed peas and carrots   paper roses tutorial   spiral rose flower tutorial
Smashed peas and carrots:
Fabric Rose Wreath Tutorial.
  Paper, plate, and plane:
No-fuss paper
roses tutorial.
  All Things Paper:
Spiral Rose
Valentine Tutorial.

For the Love of ... Bunny  
knitted bunny   bunny sachet tutorial   knitted motorcycle cozy
Knitted bunny.
  Craft Passion:
Bunny Sachet Tutorial.
  Cute Heaven:
Cute White Baby Bunny.

Titles to Remember Book Reviews

Crescendoh   Inspired to Sew   inspired to sew giveaway
Dresses with Sashes Place Cards
by Melody M. Nunez
  Inspired to Sew
by Bari J Ackerman
{Stash Books}
  Inspired to Sew
Enter by 2/12/11, 5PM PST

Readers Share
"Art Saves" Stories

  Handmade Ever After
Ideas for the BIG day.
  Pay It Forward
Jamieson Haverkampf   personalized napkins   World Monuments Fund
Jamieson Haverkampf
Through my last 40 years of ups and downs, the thread that ...
  Once Wed
DIY Wedding:
Personalized Napkins.
  World Monuments Fund: Saving the world's most treasured places.
Submit your Pay it Forward videos or stories with photos to

The Good Coach


Lesley Riley

Janet Jones

This Week :: You Already Know This
Thoughts from internationally known artist,
instructor, author and creativity coach:
Lesley Riley
An Interview with :: Janet Jones
A look into her "Mirage" and "Out of Context" compositions.
The Place to Be The Art of Creative Cooking   Artistic Color Palettes
encausticamp   meatball subs   CRESCENDOh Palette
Instructors: Crystal Neubauer, Bridgette Guerzon Mills,
Jan Harris, Michelle Belto,
Judy Wise & Patricia Baldwin
July 13-17• Salem, OR

Complete events listing here
  Smitten Kitchen
Meatball subs with caramelized onions.

OMG! The Best of Etsy

knitted slip cover

twig pencils

BiscuitScout: Knitted cream slip cover.

raemj: twig pencils with vintage doilies.

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