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Transparent Treasures

Transparent Treasures

by Cynthia Shaffer

{Featuring Little Miss Mason stamps}


With black StazOn inkpad, stamp image of mason jar onto a piece of transparency. Trim. Cut another piece of transparency into a rectangular shape. Lay the stamped and trimmed transparency onto the rectangular piece of transparency and machine stitch around the image of the jar but leave the top portion unstitched. (Don't worry about stitching precisely on the jar line. A bit of imperfection adds character to the finished piece.) Encase this stamped transparent pocket with buttons, bits of ephemera.

Sky's the limit in terms of what sort of treasures you elect to encase into the stamped transparent pocket. You can also consider using the stitched pocket with other embellishments to adorn a journal.

Mason jar

Find Little Miss Mason stamps here.


I love this; Sheer delight, punctuated with calming goodness! Now, this is a jar of joy~

These designs by Cynthia, using the Mason Jar stamps are exquisite. They are breathtakingly beautiful and I adore them.

So deliciously simple, but it is clear how much work went into them. All I can say really is... 'Wow!!!!!!!!!'

Sue Allan xx

Genius! So simple, so sweet. I love this. :)

This looks like such a fun project! I am going to try it over this long late summer weekend... thank you for sharing! :) mercedes

Oh this is just so cute

sweet p e r f e c t jar

Cynthia, you have done an amazing job. When I first saw these last week my jaw dropped in amazement. They are so subtle and sublimely beautiful.

They are just my cup-of-tea, in as much as I adore stitching, flowers and buttons. The simplicity is stunning.

I have admired your work for quite a while now, but this blew me away.

Sorry, I forgot to sign the last comment.
Sue xx

The cat was jumping all over me and I forgot to put my name.

My mind is racing with ideas for using this project.

Simply adorable! Cute idea!

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