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Upcycled & Embellished Metal Cans by Melody Nunez

Upcycled & Embellished Metal Cans
by Melody Nuñez

Featuring CRESCENDOh Clear Stamps

Rather than throw out or recycle metal food cans, why not upcycle them and make a darling containers for treats, flowers, or a gift?  I used vintage wallpaper to cover these cans, but you could easily use scrapbooking paper or wrapping paper – whatever you have on hand or catches your eye.

I started my project with cans in three different sizes.  The smallest can held tomato sauce, the middle-sized can held corn, and the largest can held bread crumbs.  I removed the labels, and washed and dried them.  My cans were free of sharp edges - please be careful to make sure you don’t cut or scrape yourself when working with your metal cans.

rubber stamping Directions:
Wrap the cans with your decorative paper, securing the ends with double-stick tape.  If desired, apply a coat of matte Mod Podge.  I put Mod Podge on the two smaller cans, to bring the paper’s color out even more (floral with bird), and to protect the paper from water because I’d be putting water in the can (floral with quote).  I didn’t coat the largest can because the black section of the pattern smeared when I tested Mod Podge application on it.

 Wrap ribbon, bias tape, or twill tape along the top and bottom edges of the can.  I used bias tape on the two smaller cans, and twill tape on the largest can.  This decorative border will also cover any small gaps between the edge of the paper and the edge of the cans.  Align the ends of your trim with the seam of your paper in the back for a neater look.

rubber stamping

Small can: Punch one hole on each side of the can with an awl or a nail and a small hammer.  Form a wire handle and insert the ends of the wire into each punched hole, winding the wire around to secure it near the top edge of the can.

Stamp the bird from the Sweet Tweets stamp set onto a tag with black ink.  Affix a vintage button to the top of the tag, and attach the tag to the top edge of the can. Fill with treats like Easter candy.

rubber stamping

Middle-size can: Punch one hole on each side of the can with an awl or a nail and a small hammer.  Form a wire handle and insert the ends of the wire into each punched hole, winding the wire around to secure it near the top edge of the can. 

Stamp a quote from the Ordinary Sparkling Sentiments stamp set onto watercolor paper using black ink.  Stamp two butterflies from the same stamp set near the quote.  Color in the butterfly wings with silver gel pen.  Accent the edges of the quote with metallic rub-ons.  Attach the quote to the wire handle with a small wooden clothespin.  Fill the can with flowers, then carefully fill the can with water.

rubber stamping

Large can: Stamp initials from the Best Life Alphabet stamp set in black ink onto cream cardstock.  Stamp a decorative bracket from the Ordinary Sparkling Embellishments stamp set on either side of the initials.  Color in the brackets with black ink, and embellish with tiny rhinestones.  Mount the initials block onto black cardstock, creating a narrow black frame, and attach the finished piece to the can with double-stick tape.  Fill the can with a gift or other items of your choosing.

rubber stamping

rubber stamping

rubber stamping

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Love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing it!

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