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Random Acts of Kindness Cards by Melody Nunez

Random Acts of Kindness Cards
by Melody M. Nuñez
Featuring the Ordinary Sparkling Sentiments

While brainstorming my newest design team project for Jenny, I was inspired by the Ordinary Sparkling Sentiments stamp set and just knew they’d make some great Random Acts of Kindness Cards. I’ve given away some of these RAK Cards already, and will carry the rest with me daily so I can Pay It Forward and brighten people’s days when a situation arises or inspiration strikes. You can leave your finished cards just about anywhere, like between the pages of a book in a bookstore or library, on someone’s door handle, or taped to the mirror in a public restroom.

Some people carry RAK Cards that say something like “Smile – you’ve been gifted with a Random Act of Kindness”, which they hand to the person who is receiving their good deed, but in this case the cards themselves are the act of kindness and speak for themselves.  You can certainly give them along with something else, but they’re nice on their own as well. 

crescendohI started with Strathmore Watercolor paper, and cut the sheets into smaller pieces.  I created the painted surface by first brushing on a mixture of Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic, walnut ink, and water.  While the color mixture was still wet I loosely brushed on a watered-down gesso, and then sprinkled on a bit of metallic gold or silver powder (Schmincke) while the gesso was still wet.

Don’t worry if your color application isn’t uniform, or if your gesso blends with the color and/or drips off the edge of the card.  I applied my color and gesso very freely, and let the two surface treatments blend as they would.

crescendohOnce the colored and gessoed card dried, I stamped a quote onto the card using black StazOn ink.  On some cards I also stamped another image, like a flower, a heart, and a butterfly. (The flower and heart images are from the Live to Love stamp set)

The last step, before handing out these RAK cards and brightening someone’s day, is embellishment.  I embellished my cards by punching out shapes, adding ribbon hangers and attaching rhinestones, but the possibilities are endless. Consider using beautiful scraps of paper or lace, beads, or buttons to embellish your RAK cards.




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