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Altered Peat Pot with Wooden Stick Collage

Altered Peat Pot with Wooden Stick Collage
by Becky Shander

{Featuring Romantic Botanicals}

IMG_0674Stamp image (Romantic Botanicals) onto a piece of scrapbook paper with Distress Ink Pad (Vintage Photo) and let dry.  Use scissors to cut along one edge of the stamped image and then hand tear around the rest of the image.  Feed the stamped paper strip through a typewriter and type, “grow” (following the curve of a branch.)  You can do this by repositioning the paper strip as you are typing each letter. 

Cut out a bird image (mine is from an image that I had previously transferred onto canvas using gel medium.) Then use a glue stick to adhere the bird next to “grow.” Also use a glue stick to adhere the stamped paper strip to the top of a wide wooden stick, leaving roughly 1 1/2 “ at the bottom of the stick exposed. Wrap seam binding tape or ribbon around the top edge of a Peat pot and tie a knot to secure. Cut a circular piece from a vintage crochet handkerchief and attach it to the ribbon knot using straight pins.  Fill the pot with shredded paper and insert the altered stick inside to display.



Very cute; I love the look, how fun for place settings on a table~

Becky, I see you love that set of stamps by Rachel as much as I do. I recently made a treasure of a b'day card for our daughter using those stamps on a piece of handmade paper that contained a LOT of linter. The linter made the paper so very soft, it felt like velvet! I had had that paper in my stash forever, and it was time to use it once I received those lovely stamps! It worked so well that I have now used up the entire sheet of paper using other stamps in that set. Somehow, Rachel's work resonates with me. I'm into 'simplifying' life at this stage! Thanks for the beautiful art work, Becky. Jani Howe

Jani, glad to hear you're having so much fun with Rachel's stamps. And thanks for the linter tip (I'm assuming linter are the structural fibers in handmade paper.)

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