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Stamped and Washi Taped Mason Jar Journal Tutorial

Stamped and Washi Taped Mason Jar Journal Tutorial
by Cynthia Shaffer

{Featuring Wee Mason Jar Stamp}

Crescendoh gallery mason jar journal-031

  • Stamp mason jar onto a black journal using white pigment ink.

Crescendoh gallery mason jar journal-020

  • Emboss mason jar with white embossing powder.

Crescendoh gallery mason jar journal-021

  • Using a small hole punch, punch holes along the side of the journal.
  • Using a craft knife, cut out the inner portion of the mason jar and the bottom little swirl.

Crescendoh gallery mason jar journal-023

  • Cut out a small rectangle from a transparency  that is slightly larger than the cut-out mason jar.
  • Using colorful washi tape, create stripes on the transparency.

Crescendoh gallery mason jar journal-024

  • Stamp fireflies on the washi tape using black ink.

Crescendoh gallery mason jar journal-025

  • Adhere the transparency to the back of the journal cover using black masking tape.


  • Crescendoh gallery mason jar journal-026Thread a large eye needle with off white perle cotton and lace through the punched holes.
Crescendoh gallery mason jar journal-027
Crescendoh gallery mason jar journal-029

Crescendoh gallery mason jar journal-036


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