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3-Ring Crocheted Necklace with Crochet Hemp

3-Ring Crocheted Necklace
by Jenny Doh
{Featuring Crochet Hemp}


  • 3 metal rings (I used rings that I found in the jewelry supply aisle at my craft store. Each ring has a 1/2-inch diameter. However, any ring of any diameter will work.)
  • Crochet hook: D
  • Crochet Hemp:
    • 3-ply natural (A)
    • 3-ply bleached (B)
    • 12-ply natural (C)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors

Jenny DohMAKE

  1. Draw out enough A to fold in half so that the folded double strand of yarn measures approximately 10 inches. Place the folded yarn at the back of the ring.
  2. Insert the hook to the center of the ring from front to back. Place folded yarn on hook and draw the fold to the front. Bring hook over the ring. Yarn over with the double strand and draw the double strand through the loop on the hook.
  3. Insert the hook to the center of the ring, yarn over with double strand and draw loops to the front.
  4. Bring hook over the ring. Yarn over with the double strand and draw through loops on hook.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until 10 stitches have been worked to cover the ring.

Fasten off. With tapestry needle, weave in all ends.
Make two with A and one with B.

Jenny DohPlace double-folded length of C into the center of a ring crocheted with A and thread the tails into the loop. This will be the necklace chain.

Use a piece of C to tie this ring to a ring crocheted with B. Tie this to the other ring crocheted with A. Trim with scissors.
Jenny Doh


love the above crochet.
simple but nice.

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