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Live to Love Stamping and Doodling Tutorial

Love Changes Everything Plaque
by Jenny Doh
{Featuring Live to Love Stamps}

stamping tutorial
With a pink Montana acrylic marker, make loose strokes onto a small canvas board and let dry.
montana marker
Stamp flower image with brown inkpad.
stamping tutorialStamp text image with a black ink pad.

stamping tutorialUse a silver Montana acrylic marker to "frame" the edges.

montana marker tutorialAdd color and doodles with colored markers.

doodling tutorial
Punch two holes at the top of the board with a Crop-a-Dial. Thread black craft wire through tholes and hang finished plaque on a doorknob or a hook.
stamping tutorial


Stamped & Doodled Altered Book Page Tutorial

Grow :: Stamped & Doodled Altered Book Page Tutorial
by Jenny Doh
Featuring Romantic Botanicals

Altered book tutorial
Apply a bit of white gesso to the bottom corner of a book page. Let dry.

altered book tutorialStamp image with brown ink onto the gessoed area.

stamping tutorial
Use the eraser of a pencil to stamp dots onto the page.
altered book tutorialUse a fine-point black marker to doodle lines and dote sna shapes.

altered book tutorial
Use a small paintbrush and black sumi ink to letter the word "grow" onto the page.

altered book tutorial


Shades of Love :: Stamped-Painted-Doodled & Lettered Gift Bag Tutorial

Shades of Love Gift Bags
by Jenny Doh
Featuring Little Miss Mason

stamped gift bag tutorial
Make small strokes onto brown paper bags using a small paintbrush and Sumi ink or India ink.
painted brown bag tutorialThese are my favorites: Sumi ink by Yasutomo and Super Black India ink by Speedball.
India ink and sumi ink
Paint loose scribbles onto a book page with Montana Acrylic markers. Let dry.
Montana acrylic markers
Stamp image with dark ink onto the bookpage. I like the looseness the acrylic colors so that not the entire area that you are stamping is covered with color. This allows some of the unpainted book page to peek through.
stamping tutorial
Write text onto the painted and stamped book page.
lettering tutorialCut out the painted and stamped images. Adhere onto the painted bags. Add doodles with a white gel pen.
lettering tutorialEnclose gift, fold top edge, secure with a wooden clothespin.

gift bag tutorial


Chalkboard Mason Jar Cards :: by Sarah Meehan

Chalkboard Mason Jar Cards
by Sarah Meehan
Featuring Wee Mason Jar Stamps


Stamp the jar onto a small piece of chalkboard Contact Paper in black ink. The marks will be faint but visible. Cut out the jar, trimming away most of the lid.

Remove the backing and stick the jar onto a blank kraft greeting card. Trace around the outer edge of the jar with a white gel pen and allow to dry. Add accent marks to the inside of the jar, using the stamped lines as guides.

Stamp the lid onto a piece of colored or patterend paper with black ink. Carefully cut the lid out, then glue it onto the card so that it overlaps the top of the jar.

Add a message using chalk or chalk pens (for added precision).



Knit Paper Doll Clothes Tutorial by Cynthia Shaffer

Knit Paper Doll Clothes
Featuring Wee Knitting Love
by Cynthia Shaffer

stamping tutorialSketch the shape of a sweater or any knit garment onto watercolor paper.

stamping tutorialAdd color to the garment using watercolors.

Stamped knit project-002Using the knit stamp, stamp over the colored garment in an ink color that is just a few shades darker than the color of the garment.
stamping tutorialOutline the garment with a permanent black marker. Add tabs to the garment to resemble paper doll clothes. Cut out around the shape.
stamping tutorialShade areas of the garment with colored pencil.
stamping tutorial
Punch a small hole in the top of the paper doll clothes and tie on a length of bakers twine.
stamping tutorial


Stamping & Journaling Tutorial :: I'd go hungry

I'd Go Hungry
by Jenny Doh
Featuring Petals and Script

Jenny Doh

Use a small watercolor brush to paint a circle onto a journal page with sumi ink. Use a paper towel to dab off excess ink as desired.

sumi ink tutorial

Stamp image next to the circle with a deep red-violet ink.

journaling tutorialAdd details and doodles with a fine-point black marker.

stamping and journalint tutorialAdd journaling with the black marker.

journaling tutorial


Stamping & Journaling Tutorial :: Strong Enough :: by Jenny Doh

Strong Enough
by Jenny Doh
{Featuring Flourishing}

Jenny DohPaint a yellow oval and a thin blue rectangle onto an art journal page with watercolors and let dry.

art journalingStamp image onto the yellow oval with a blue inkpad.

stampingAdd doodling and journaling with a fine-point black marker.

art journaling tutorial


Art Journaling Tutorial :: I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years

I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years
Featuring Scalloped Authentic
by Jenny Doh

Jenny DohStamp scalloped square three times onto a journal page.
stamping tutorialJournal song lyrics into the stamped squares.

art journaling tutorialUse colored markers to add color to the page. The colors shown here are Copic markers (colors inspired by Cori Dantini).

copic markersAdd more doodles.

Jenny Doh

Jenny Doh


Stamped & Stitched Altered Book Tutorial :: by Cynthia Shaffer

Stamped & Stitched Altered Book Tutorial
by Cynthia Shaffer
Featuring Notions Found and Live to Love

Crescendoh gallery Doodle in book-012Using brown StazON ink and Notions Found Clear stamps, create a frame with the image on a page of an old book.

Crescendoh gallery Doodle in book-002
Using Brown StazOn ink and Everyday Me Clear stamps, stamp 3 flowers.
Crescendoh gallery Doodle in book-007
Using brown StazOn ink and Notions Found Clear stamps, stamp stems on the flowers. Curve the stamp on the acrylic block to resemble a bending stem.
Crescendoh gallery Doodle in book-008
Apply a wash of gesso around the frame.
Crescendoh gallery Doodle in book-010
Using watercolor pencils, color the flowers, then go over the flower with gesso and see the color of the watercolor pencil come through.
Crescendoh gallery Doodle in book-011
Hand stitch with white pearl cotton, up the stems and then radiating out from the flower.
Add a French knot to the center of each flower.  
Crescendoh gallery Doodle in book-016


Stamped Gift Bag Tutorial

You Knit Therefore You Are Gift Bag Tutorial
Featuring Wee Knitting Love
by Jenny Doh

stamping tutorialStamp image onto circle stickers (available in office supply stores) with a black/blue inkpad.

rubber stamping tutorialAdhere the stamped stickers onto a brown paper bag. Be sure to fold some at the edges.

stamped gift bag tutorial

Place gift inside the gift bag.

stamped gift bag tutorialFold bag over at the top edge, punch two holes and tie with a string. Stamp a small piece of watercolor paper to make a coordinating gift card. Write message inside the gift card.

jenny doh


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