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Magic of Paying it Forward by Alyice Edrich of The Dabbling Mum

Over the years, my husband and I have fed the homeless (see our story here:, clothed the poor (see my story here:, and instilled random acts of kindness upon complete strangers (see my story here: all on a modest salary.

There is just something truly magical about the act of paying it forward. And the best part is that it's an act that both blesses the giver and the receiver.


Take my most recent "pay it forward" act (see complete story here: ). I discovered an organization called, Free Arts For Abused Children, and immediately I wanted to volunteer.

Unfortunately, the organization is based in Los Angeles, California and I am located in South Dakota. But upon perusing their website, I discovered that they are always in need of art supplies, so I dug through my stash and sent a box of goodies.

When I contacted the organization a few weeks later to make sure my stash arrived in one piece, and that they could use what I provided, I was told that they serve 300 or so children per event and are always in need of art supplies.

Currently, I am on my second box. Each time I open my supplies drawers, I think about those kids, and choose one object to put in the box. When the box fills up, I'll ship it off and start a new box, knowing that the supplies I set aside will go to great use, healing and saving lives.

Keep up with Alyice Edrich of The Dabbling Mum at and


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