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Art Found Me • by Lorri Lennox

My life without art is totally unimaginable. Has my life been changed by the power of art for the good? Absolutely in more ways than I could ever explain.

Learning to Let Go
For most of my adult life I have been involved in working ‘spiritually’. I have taught meditation, run workshops in spiritual development and studied for three years to become a Reiki Master. I opened my own healing centre in 2003 called The Purple Patch where I helped with other people’s problems on a daily basis. Although interaction with my clients was very satisfying, on the whole the process of dealing constantly with grief and illness and unrest actually brought me down, and my life seemed to become a whirlwind of downward spirals — I have only begun to learn, all this time later — to let go and cut the cords that bind me to others, and to begin to heal myself.

During the last 10 years, I have suffered one traumatic blow after another. My business partner betrayed me, my health deteriorated and I also suffered a nervous breakdown. I developed fibromyalgia and arthritis after a parasailing accident I had while on holiday in 2004 which has left me in constant pain. I suffered panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder. On top of all this, I then discovered that my husband had cheated on me for several years during a time when our youngest daughter was suicidal. The stress surrounding our family affected us all in different ways, and to say it’s been a struggle is an understatement.

Last November (2009) I lost my mother to cancer, and only four months later, while still grieving for my own Mum, we also lost my mother-in-law.

How have I survived all these things?
With the love and support of family and friends, but more personally with art, of course. I threw all my emotions into my art. Whether anyone who saw what I was creating, actually saw my pain, heartache and anguish didn't matter to me! What mattered was that I managed to find a way of expressing it and a process which I could lose myself in. I still express it today — as losing my Mum has devastated me. The thing is, I can now divert a lot of my anger, sorrow and pain in a much healthier way by calling upon all those emotions and experiences and putting them into some physical creation which in turn may bring a little more joy into the world.

Artists Have a Common Thread
I discovered the world of blogging and initially it was like a world of my own where I could babble away and pour out my heart and soul. I talked about the things in my life that were troubling me, I included some art. I was pleased and surprised to discover that people were actually reading my blog — and then they began commenting and following it. They liked my art! They said they felt my pain and I felt like a shadow had been lifted. As they say, ‘a sadness shared is a sadness halved’. How very true that is! I discovered that artists have a common thread — that they are kind and compassionate, and I felt that I had found my own haven.

For the last 8 years I have owned and operated a paper art store (Scrappindipity) with my eldest daughter. It is a small family business, struggling along each week. We love what we do, our passion for art and desire to encourage other people’s creativity keeps it alive. We are not rich in money, but we are rich in many other ways. We keep on going, and for me, Scrappindipity is a blessing.

I have learned so much through my own experiences, both good and bad. I realized first hand the healing power of art! One day my dream is to combine the powerful benefits of meditation and the healing expression of art by creating an art space where we combine the two, where everyone is free to be themselves, to create and pour themselves into their own canvas, in a safe, confidential and nurturing environment.

For now, I continue to create. I pour myself onto the blank pages and I truly believe art found me, to save me.

Lorri Lennox is an artist who lives in Australia. To see more of her work and read her blog please visit To purchase her art, visit her Etsy site at You can find Scrappindipity online at


You deserve to be happy and I'm glad you have found creating an exciting avenue of happiness.

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