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Giving Back • by Cindy Adkins

I am a mixed-media artist and also have my own column in the newspaper in the New Orleans area. I moved to this area shortly after Hurricane Katrina and was actively involved in the recovery process. Part of that entailed renovating a home that had been under ten feet of water.

Using Art to Heal
Once that was accomplished, I wanted to see what I could do for the community and how I could use art to heal others devastated by the storm. It took six months to create mixed- media pieces for various agencies, such as the government complex, fire department, library, etc. and they were on exhibit for the entire community to view before reaching their respective destinations.

This project was my way of helping the area to heal. It was an opportunity to reach out and let people know that indeed, while they had “risen from the ashes,” they should be proud of all they had accomplished.

Art & Inspiration

Now, I am creating art to reach people all over the world. I have recently developed a spiritual blog called “I Owe it All to Him,” in which I not only feature my own mixed- media pieces, but also that of others. I write inspirational stories to accompany the work of guest artists on a daily basis. It has been rewarding to hear not only their responses, but also those of others who enjoy seeing work from around the globe. This is a venture that has been so rewarding because people are able to come together and have a place to find solace, as well as express themselves. Some visitors are artists. Others are not. All are welcome to be inspired and share.

Cindy Adkins is a mixed-media artist and writer who lives in Meraux, Louisiana. To learn more about Cindy, visit her Web site at, and her blog at She may be reached by e-mail at


I am a happy follower of her blogs!!!
thanks for the article!!!

Cindy! Congrats to you for all you're accomplishing here. I love your Spirit and I love that I can call you my friend. Many wonderful things are coming your way as you continue to touch the lives of so many...including Mine!!!

A lovely article.

I'm so glad to see Cindy featured here!! She is an amazingly talented woman with a huge heart!

Cindy you are simply awesome!!! This is truly wonderful.

Cindy, you are have an amazing spirit and a thoughtful, generous heart. I am so excited for you about being featured in this wonderful publication. I am so touched by the piece you did to add to the memory box we are working on for the daughters of my dear friend Marsha who left us way too soon. Just one example of your amazing generosity of spirit. Congrats fellow Cindy!

Wonderful article on a wonderful artist...congratulations, Cindy!


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