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Finding Light in the Darkness • by Samantha Flaming

Samantha FlamingI always wanted to be an artist. I never knew I was one all along ...

Becoming an Artist
When I was a younger, my family always had to guess what I drew that day. Sometimes they got it, but mostly they didn’t. I still love them anyways. One afternoon, when I was about seven, my Dad sketched out this covered bridge, and set me up on a card table with acrylic paints. I felt like a REAL artist!

When I was 19, my younger brother (who was seventeen at the time) drowned. I really felt lost after he died. He was my brother, but also one of my best friends. I would sneak off and paint for hours. Just splattering paint on paper would help with the pain. This is when I fell in love with art. This is when art began to save me.

I decided to take some drawing and painting classes at the community college. I never felt up to par, but I learned new techniques and met some inspiring people. About four years ago, I began making greeting cards with my pretty, patterned papers, which then turned into paper collages, and finally landed on mixed-media, where I could mix paper and paints. During these past four years, my confidence has really grown. I have a freedom to create and experiment with different mediums.

Art is my Sounding Board
Recently, my husband died in a car accident. I am left with my grief and helping our three, young daughters grieve and cope, too. I began an art journal where I can be honest with my grief. I also want to record things for our girls, so they can always remember their daddy. They have taken to drawing and journaling as part of their grief as well.

I have to create art. I cannot imagine my life without it. My emotions and life are expressed through color, and sometimes, words. My husband, who was my biggest inspiration/supporter/encourager, continues to inspire me through memories and his life.

I have learned that no matter the experience in this journey of life, art offers itself as a sounding board, as a therapist, as a journal. Art Saves. It brings out the Light in the darkness and I am so thankful for this gift of creativity.

Samantha Flaming is a mixed-media artist who lives in southern Arizona. To see more of her work, visit Samantha may be reached by e-mail at

Samantha Flaming

Samantha Flaming

Samantha Flaming

Samantha Flaming

Samantha Flaming

Samantha Flaming

Samantha Flaming


I'm so proud of you friend!! <3

Sam, thank you for sharing your story. You will encourage and inspire others with your words, just like you do with your art. I'm lovin' your ladies!
Linda - MidwestieLady

Sam, one of the sweetest, bravest woman that i have ever met. An example of faith, courage, and grace. It has been a privilege to meet you online. You blessed my life.

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