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Finding My Creative Voice • by Andrea Schroeder

Andrea SchroederHas my life been changed by the power of art for good? Am I involved with a program that harnesses the healing qualities of art? Yes and yes!

Totally Stressed
My story begins many years ago in university. I was studying fashion design and I was in over my head — creatively stretched, overwhelmed and frustrated — and nothing I made came out the way I imagined it in my head. I was barely passing my classes. I was completely and totally stressed out almost all the time.

Following my Intuition
Then my aunt died very suddenly and as a result my life set off in a new direction. I started practicing meditation and exploring my intuition. Then this new stuff began to seep into my creative school work and the magic started to happen. I started listening to my intuitive voice instead of my professors. Instead of a collection of clothing, I designed a collection of magical healing angel dolls.

No one had ever made dolls instead of fashion before. My professors told me I was sure to fail, but my intuition was so clear — I carried on. I really dove into and explored my creative spirit. I was working 12 hours a day painting fabrics, embroidering, beading, and experimenting with doll faces and bodies. I found my creative voice. I found my artistic style — and I made the best damn angel dolls.

A Whole New World
And, because teachers don't grade the final collections my final mark was an A. After three years of struggling to pass I graduated at the top. But that was only the beginning. It was the opening up of a whole new world.

I left university to explore creativity and healing and spirituality. I was an artist and a designer, a teacher and a healer, and a leader of healing and meditation circles. I explored every dream and fantasy and idea and eventually it all came together in my creativity workshops.

Now I do creativity workshops, healing circles and one-on-one creative coaching/healing/magic-making sessions. I have a new sewing machine and am getting back into fashion design. I paint paper dolls. I write and share meditations — and I blog about the whole thing.

Life is full. I have found my voice, I believe in my voice and I am helping others find theirs. What could be better?

Andrea Schroeder is an accredited new thought healing practitioner. To learn more about Andrea and her mission of reminding you of your real creative power check out her free Creativity 101 E-course on her Web site at She may be reached by e-mail at


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