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Rainbow Energy Art • by Pamela Cail

Pamela CailHeart. This powerful word describes me and everything I do. My mission is to harmonize my God-given artistic talent with my fervent desire to help and heal people into a fantastic art form that I call Rainbow Energy Art or REA. Intuitively and with much focused intent, I channel my client’s spirit guides to deliver messages and healing in the form of beautiful, colorful, and passion-driven art.

Those who have experienced my work can attest to the purity of the message and sacredness of the energy contained within. The message delivered is true.

Helping Others
I have always been creative but a larger than life spirit was deliberately doused at a young age because of misunderstandings and fear of those around me. Life-altering events finally forced me to rediscover my true heart and reacquaint myself with my life purpose and life’s passion: helping others.

True Essence of Self Emerges
At this incredible time in my life, I feel present alive and very grateful for all of my experiences. Life is always nudging us along, in my case sometimes kicking and screaming. I had to be open — very open — to what was unfolding in my life and willing to release the old so I could express the new. I’m living my life now with a sense of humor. Letting go of my controlling side has allowed my true essence of self to emerge. Along life’s path with all of its highs and lows, I found the courage and confidence to keep moving ever forward.

Pamela Cail is a soul intuitive artist and teacher who lives in Boundary Creek, New Brunswick, Canada. To learn more about Pamela and REA, visit her Web site at She may be reached by e-mail at

Pamela Cail

Pamela Cail

Pamela Cail

Pamela Cail

Pamela Cail

Pamela Cail

Pamela Cail

Pamela Cail


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