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Silent Partner :: by Nic Hohn

Nic HohnArt has been "there" for me.

Like a silent partner or an imaginary friend. Gently beside me, holding my hand. Encouraging, stretching, engaging and at its best fulfilling.

Art’s also been my teacher, my expression, my voice, my rock, my saving grace, my soft spot to fall and it always, always with out a doubt, brings me back to my centre.

It’s has been the place for my outpouring and exploring. My pencils, paints and brushes ready on the go. Glue, like trust, makes it all come together. Journal pages ready to uphold any emotions; canvas ready to take on the layers as I peel mine off; beads, wire and fabric all entwined with only their spirit knowing how its all going to turn out.

Art has been there to support me, without judgment. In whatever endeavor I’m taking on. Reliable, accepting, supportive, nurturing. It listens and guides me. Who would have thought that all those qualities I was searching for in the outside world, were actually residing within me? Within my own creativity?

Knowing I can turn to my art anytime brings me great comfort and strength. And like any relationship, the more I put into it, the rewards are returned. I just need to make sure that my ego doesn’t get in the way, so I can allow it to be all that it can be.

Art has not only filled my void, it’s taught me about the void. Showing me how to fill it from within. Yes Art, you’ve been my saving grace...

Nic Hohn welcomes you to visit, and


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