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Transcending Cultures Through Art by Marcia Beckett

Marcia Love of Art
I've always loved art and crafting. As a little girl, I would cut up magazines to make collages, I would make friendship bracelets to sell on the playground, I would doodle in my diary, and I made and swapped postcards when I was in elementary school. In high school I feared I was not good enough. Once one of my paintings got an honorable mention in a high school art show and that lifted my spirits, but I always feared I was not enough. I never thought I could make a career out of my love for creating, but in college I chose a major of art education.

it's the best of both worlds. I have a stable day job working with children and I exercise my creative side daily. Every day I hear children say that they love art, it is the best part of their day, or "Wow! Look at this color!" When I taught at the middle school level, there were a couple students that stood out in my mind. They were failing their other classes, ending up suspended multiple times, but created amazing art and felt a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment through what they were creating. There were students who couldn't speak English, but forged friendships through their artmaking. By the end of their three years at the middle school, it was amazing how far they had come in their language abilities. Art was a way for them to shine in a language that transcends cultures. Now, I teach gifted children who excel in math, science and language arts. Art becomes a way for them to synthesize their academic knowledge, learn about other cultures, and simply express their feelings and ideas.

Becoming a mother can make you feel as though you lose your "self". Your attention is focused entirely on being a mom. Taking some time out for myself (during naps and after bedtime) allows me to unwind, process emotions and do something that enhances my own identity.

I have a blog about teaching elementary art.
and I also have a blog about my personal art.


It is nice to read about the stages of your life. From an art lover to art teacher up to being a mother. I can feel how passionate you are in your chosen field.

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