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To Give Hope by Isabel Fuentez Eaton

Untitled-2 DARK CLOUD
As a little girl living with a sister and a brother who went legally blind at 7 and an older sister who left and married when I was 6 my life was always full of imagination and paper and crayons, mudpies and my beloved bike. I was a quiet child with long flowing black hair big eyes and dimples and happy. That all changed for me when I turned 7. A dark cloud came over me and turned my life upside down. I came from a strict Catholic house with parents who believed in keeping everything to themselves and a culture who did not believe in telling bad things. My innocence was taken from me by a family friend and continued for a good while. I dealt with it as only a scared little girl could, nightmares,c! rying,eating disorders, depression and all my cries for help where never heard. I turned to prayer and my art and reading of books that would take me faraway from my pain.

As I became a teenager the nightmares and exhausting panic attacks continued, my parents took me to revivals looking for a cure to my problems, and I knowing that nothing could heal what I was going through, I had only my art to turn too. I would scketch endlessly for hours in my spiral notebooks, we had no money for sketchbooks and sketch beautiful ladies with awesome outfits to take my pain away. I was blessed with wonderful angels who fluttered in and out of my life and gave me encouragement to continue drawing and giving me art projects to work on at school, I was also blessed with the insight to embrace these lovely people and heal my pain by there compassion. Through life art has been always center in my life, in the art projects I did with my 3 wonderful sons and in teaching in church young women to! create a beautiful piece of art for there homes. Art has alwa!ys been there for me.

My mom passed 2yrs ago and I dealt with her passing not well, to the outside world I was strong but inside I was breaking and knew that I was going back into a place I did not want to go, depression. I quit my job of 6 years and buried myself in my room for the whole summer. My heart was breaking because she died not knowing why I acted the way I did as child and not knowing my secret. On an outing to the local Michaels I came across the beautiful cover of a book that had these lovely angels on front, the book was Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts, bought it instantly and went home and poured over every page! I was in heaven. I never had the courage to share my work in a more public area, to really share with strangers and not family. This gorgeous book gave me that courage and I started my venture in Blogging and putting my work on Etsy and sharing on Facebook and truly pursuing my passion in Art. Painting had never been something I tried, especially on my ske! tches, I painted wood angels, craft projects and dabbled in very light water coloring of my sketches, but never painting in acrylics. Art brought me back into the living and reminded me that as a child and teen and mother it has always been there to guide me and allow me to share with others my whimsical outlook in life. My mom was a fan of my art and I truly feel she guided me along to find this gorgeous book that would reawaken me and give me courage to share my art. I paint everyday now, not a day goes by that I do not create something. I love painting in a whimsical style and sharing my art with other fellow artist and friends and family and sharing my life story finally ,only to give hope and courage to others who may be suffering.

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Isabel, you story was very touching and I admire you for sharing it with us. Taking flight was one of my first books into the mixed media world, for me it felt like coming home. I'm glad you were able to find the creative resources which brought about sharing your creative passion, I am looking forward to visiting your blog. Stay blessed. Amanda

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