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Still Going Strong :: by Ilysa Ginsburg

My mother was very creative and passed that on to me, I have been making things my entire life and started making jewelry at age 5. I found my passion in my early 20's when I moved to NYC (with only $300 to my name and absolutely no prospects). A trip to my bank in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn one day literally changed my life. There was a young woman outside selling gorgeous jewelry and I stopped to see more of it, I asked what it was made from and she told me it was polymer clay and the technique was called millefiori and there was no paint every color was clay. I was mesmerized by the intricate designs. Needless to say I bought a piece and asked for earrings to match and she said she was actually looking for someone to make earrings for her. Of course having been making jewelry since I was 5, I offered my services.

We met up once or twice and she showed me the basics of working with polymer clay and then ended up moving away to go to college. At that time there weren't many brands available and the clay was hard as a rock but I was hooked. That was in 1989 and I am still playing with the clay. I have a book coming out in the Fall with F & W Publications called Polymer Clay Art Jewelry, How To Make Polymer Clay Jewelry Projects Using New Techniques with my business partner Kira Slye.

Kira and I met in 2006 when I started a street team on to help spread the word and share with others about polymer clay, the group is called the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy. I thought the group needed a website to represent us and put a call out to the group to see if anyone was interested in helping and Kira answered the call. After working together we realized we both lived in FL and less than 400 miles away from each other.

I decided to purchase an Ipod for myself for the holidays and started to download and noticed something called a podcast. I poked around to see what they were all about and noticed there were only a few craft podcasts and I had an idea that I wanted to create a podcast about polymer clay and that Kira would be the person to help bring it to fruition. We met 1/2 way between where we lived, which was Orlando, FL and hashed out the plans for the show and on June 1st 2007 we launched Polymer Clay TV. We have a You Tube channel with over 200 videos and we can be found on Itunes.

We are still going strong and have since started a second show called Things Crafty and a community of about 1000 artists at
We have a design team of 7 women and Kira and myself. We have live craft demos every Tuesday on our show Tuesday Shmoozeday. There is always something fun going on and we love to share. We can't wait to see what the future holds.

Learn more about Ilysa at

Ilysa welcomes email at


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