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BOOK :: Shooting with Soul by Alessandra Cave

Shooting with Soul
by Alessandra Cave
128 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59253-871-3
Review by Jenny Doh

Photo 1This book is SO Alessandra. Why? Because in the first chapter, it contains all the technical information you need to understand how to operate a camera. You know ... shutter speed, ISO, aperture. But it also contains a soulful and heartfelt point of view of a photographer who helps the reader understand not only the technicalities related to shooting photographs, but how to express oneself through the process.

I also really like how Alessandra doesn't discriminate amongst cameras. She acknowledges that the camera a person uses may not be the top of the line DSLR but perhaps a vintage instant camera, or a sporty point-and-shoot. Regardless of the shooting instrument, her photography exercises as presented in chapters 2 through 5 are sure to get photographers at all skill levels to pause, consider, observe, and shoot with soul. There is also a 6th chapter with resources and glossary that I think has been well edited with valuable information.

Bravo to Alessandra Cave!

Photo 2


BOOK :: Delight in the Art of Collage

Delight in the Art of Collage
by Lisa M. Pace
ISBN-13: 978-1440328534
North Light Books
128 Pages
Review by Jenny Doh

BookDelight in the art of Collage is the third book in a series from the delightful Lisa Pace. Like her other two books, Lisa gives of herself fully and sincerely as she explains why she loves collage and how she goes about making her projects. But don't let the word "collage" fool you. It's not just about paper glued to paper. Actually, it's that and a whole lot more.

Lisa organizes her content into four main chapters that tackle projects based on Textiles, Metal, Wax, Resin & Clay, and then finally Paper. I think what's most valuable about this book is that not only can you choose to recreate exactly the projects that Lisa presents them, you can also learn the methods of how to do something ... like the faux resin leaves for example, and use that knowledge to make a completely different project that you dream up on your own.



Magazine :: Featuring:

Art Journaling, Mixed Media & More (magazine)
Review by Jenny Doh

There is impressive, inspiring depth to be found this new quarterly magazine titled Featuring:, which shines unique light on artists and art within the art journaling and mixed media world. This particular issue of Featuring: leads with a fantastic article on the art of Maria Prados from Spain, whose stunning work is also featured on the cover. She takes photographs and then paints on them with results that hit notes on a spectrum that includes playful, sensual, happy, and macabre. She hits them all.

The next feature is an illustrated story by Sandra van Doorn. Words that are precisely, poetically selected ... and perfectly placed next to illustrations that get the readers' imaginations moving and breathing.

I read on to find features about the benefits of art journaling, an intriguing art journaling project about the concept and origins of fear (so interesting!), an honest look inside an artist's blog, and so much more.

Featuring: has 74 interior pages packed with quality. Quality photographs, quality writing, and quality order and organization of stories that inspire readers interested in a thorough and visually stimulating exploration of art, creativity, and self-expression. 

Bravo to Marit Barentsen and team for their dedication to creating Featuring:, a beautiful magazine indeed.

Learn more at



PRODUCT :: Sharpie Accent Gel Highlighters

Sharpie Accent Gel Highlighters
Review by Jenny Doh

sharpie gel highlighters

I really love using neon colors in my art. These gel highlighters have the punch of highlighter neons with a very unique crayon-like application that is super cool! It's a great addition to my marker collection for art journaling, doodling, and assorted paper arts.

Find Sharpie Gel Highlighers here.

Petal stamp is part of the You Taste Like Birthday set here.

BOOK :: All Things Paper by Ann Martin

All Things Paper
by Ann Martin
ISBN-13: 978-080483669
Tuttle Publishing
112 Pages
Review by Jenny Doh

all things paper
I am completely inspired by All Things Paper—a book that offers truly inspiring and well-executed paper-based projects. There is really not a project in this book that doesn't fascinate me and make me want to create. Paper is the common denominator for all of these projects, which are categorized according to Home Decor, Fashion Accessories, Jewelry, and Correspondence. My favorite projects include the elegant Frameable Tree Card, the clever Phone Book Letter Holder, and the adorable Citrus Slice Coasters. If you're looking for a book with truly innovative paper-based projects, this book is for you.

Congratulations to Ann Martin on authoring this delightful book.

Find All Things Paper here.


PRODUCT :: Martha Stewart Accessory Pouch

Martha Stewart Accessory Pouch
Review by Jenny Doh

martha stewart accessory pouch
When it comes to organizing all of my art and crafting supplies, I have found that I can never have enough pouches. Another thing I've learned is that the pouches need to be see-thru so that I can remember what I have stored in them.

I really love these pouches by Martha Stewart, which come in assorted sizes. They are well made and take a beating with all of the things I store in them. The zipper on the pouches are made of her signature blue—a color that makes me happy when I see it.

Find the pouches here.

BOOK :: Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective

Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective
by Damian Skinner
ISBN-13: 978-1454702771
Lark Crafts
264 pages
Review by Jenny Doh

Contemporary Jewlery in Perspective
Contemporary Jewlery in Perspective is a book that validates for me, that the desire to adorn ourselves with jewelry exists in all pockets of society. It is a book that takes you on a beautifully guided tour within each of these pockets where you discover the origins, nuances, and brilliance of diverse contemporary jewelry. Whether they are expensive pieces from high end boutiques, inexpensive pieces born out of the street culture, or crafty pieces from the DIY movement, contemporary jewelry is able to not only beautify the wearer, but at times make statements about current and past events for to see. The necklace, the ring, the bracelet, the brooch ... without saying a word, they can speak volumes.

For anyone who wants to delve into the rich history of contemporary jewlery, I recommend this book. It is well organized, well written, and contains photos of some of the most amazing pieces of contemporary jewelry that you'll ever see.

Find the book here.


PRODUCT :: Bic 4-Color "Fashion Colors" Pen

Bic 4-color pensI've used the 4-color pen by Bic for many years but I recently found a new version of that pen that now comes in what they call 4 "Fashion Colors."

Just like the original pen, this new fashion version is high quality ... with a body that's easy to hold, and colors that write smoothly. Love em.
Bic 4 Color Pens

BOOK :: Book Play

Book Play
by Margaret Couch Cogswell
Lark Crafts
ISBN 978-1-4547-0396-9
Review by Jenny Doh

book play
Book Play is a really wonderful book. It completely redefines bookmaking with designs that are very unique and definitely outside the box of what we might think bookmaking is all about. For example, there is a book that travels on wheels, a paper mache ball book, and my very favorite: a tape dispenser book. Intrigued? Then you'll want to pick up a copy to learn more about these truly experimental and artistic handmade book projects. There are more traditional projects as well, like an accorion-fold book and classic journal book. All in all, Book Play is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to dive into the wondrous world of bookmaking.


Book :: Party Origami by Jessica Okui

Party Origami
by Jessica Okui
Chronicle Books
ISBN 978-1-4521-1681-5
Review by Jenny Doh

Party origami
Open up the cute little exterior sleeve of Party Origami and find a small booklet filled with 14 origami projects that you can make ... for party decorations and just everyday fun. The booklet doesn't have color photographs but is loaded with illustrations and instructions that can help you learn how to fold all sorts of clever things including Boat Chopstick Rest, Napkin Ring, Star Candleholder, Lantern Butning and more. The most exciting part is that the booklet is accompanied by 75 sheets of super cute origami paper that is very NOW. I adore this entire collection as presented by ever talented Jessica Okui, who has a knack at making everyday projects feel super special.

Yay for Party Origami!


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