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BOOK :: Twelve by Twelve :: by Boschert, Congdon, Conway, Duncan, Grant, Hock, Jamart, La Flamme, Rips, Smith, Stegmiller, Wheeler

ISBN 978-1-60059-666-7
Lark Books
176 Pages
Review by Jenny Doh

twelve by twelve
There are collaborations ... and then there are collaborations.
The artists who have authored Twelve by Twelve are an amazingly talented group of art quilters who offer discoveries and creations made as each made a 2-year commitment to embark on an exploration of themes that they would interpret through small art quilts. Twelve inches by 12 inches, to be exact.
twelve by twelve
The themes they explored are Dandelion, Chocolate, Community, Water, Illumination, Shelter, Mathematics, Chairs, Windows, Identity, Passion, and Twelve.

What's fascinating about this book is that each theme intersects with the diverse skill sets, passions, and imaginations of each artist ... resulting in art quilts that run the gamut of color, composition, texture, and overall aesthetic. Each artist also invites us into their creative space as we get a special behind-the-scenes look into how their works are imagined and executed.

Twelve by Twelve is a marvelous achievement. It is a book that is sure to inspire creativity, collaboration, and most of all: community.

Learn more about Twelve by Twelve here.


Jenny! Thanks for the lovely review! It's so wonderful to see our project in book form and we hope it will inspire lots of other art quilters!

Thank you for your very kind review Jenny. Your readers may be interested to know we are currently holding a Book Release Celebration and giveaway on the Twelve by Twelve blog Everyone is invited to join the party!

Jenny! Thank you so much for your wonderful review. I can tell you completely tuned in to what we are all about. We are so thrilled to be sharing this project through the book.

Yes! Inspiration and community are exactly what we had in mind, both in participating in the challenge, and also in sharing our adventure with teh world through our book. Thank you so much for the kind review.

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