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PRODUCT :: Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush

Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush
Review by Jenny Doh

pentel water brushThis water brush is wonderful to use with watercolors, whether you are in the studio or in a class setting. Simply unscrew the top portion of the brush, fill the barrel with water, and screw the top portion back on. If you want water to come out of the brush, you squeeze the barrel and control how much or how little comes out. When not in use, it won't drip. 

I have other expensive sable watercolor brushes but when they're not available, these water brushes give them a run for their money. The tips are made of nylon and keep their form well and clean up nicely. A super affordable product that you'll want to pick up in both the fine, medium and large point tips.

pental water brush


PRODUCT :: Recycled Clasp Envelopes

100% Recycled 9 x 12 envelopes
Sustainable Earth by Staples
Review by Jenny Doh

sustainable earth envelopes
I love these envelopes not only because they are 100 percent recycled, but because their craft color is just the perfect shade.

sustainable earth envelopes
Paint them, color them with colored pencils, stitch on them, doodle on them ... use them in your art journals, use them as gift envelopes.

sustainable earth envelopes

You can pick them up at Staples or order them here.


PRODUCT :: LB Collection Cotton Bamboo Yarn

LB Collection
Cotton Bamboo Yarn

Review by Jenny Doh

lion brand bamboo cotton
I am crazy in love with this yarn by Lion Brand Yarns. It is made with a combination of bamboo rayon and cotton and comes in the yummiest colors. I've been crocheting up a storm using these yarns and not only do the yarns feel great in the hands and on the hook, the projects made with the yarns look gorgeous.

Learn more here.


PRODUCT :: OttLite LED Handheld Task Lamp

OttLite LED Handheld Task Lamp
Review by Jenny Doh

This handheld task lamp has become the lamp that follows me from room to room, class to class. It's super lightweight, nothing to plug in or charge ... you just open it up and the tiny little circles emit light that provides the truest to natural light available in a lamp. Runs on 4 AA batteries. I've been using mine for months without having to replace the batteries. Love this lamp.



PRODUCT :: Eco Green Crafts :: Acrylic Paint Tubes

Acrylic Paint Tubes
Eco Green Crafts

Review by Jenny Doh

I've used acrylic paints by Eco Green Crafts before but after taking a class with Julie Balzer recently, I've rediscovered just how yummy and wonderful these paints are.

Eco Green Crafts PaintThey come in truly wonderful colors that are unique to this brand ... like melon, waterfall, and a perfect orange.

eco green craftsThey're non-toxic and I've been enjoying using these paints on watercolor paper. The colors also layer and overlap very well.
Learn more here.


PRODUCT :: Bead it Like You Mean It :: by Lyric Kinard

Beat It Like You Mean It
by Lyric Kinard
90 Minutes
Review by Jenny Doh

bead it like you mean it
Lyric Kinard is an award-winning artist and author with passion for surface design. In her DVD titled Bead it Like You Mean it, she shares her expertise on how to add beading to quilts to create stunning designs. The 90-minute DVD includes seven informative chapters that provide thorough and detailed instruction on how to use all sorts of beads by adding them to the top without having any knots show from the back.

Learn more here.


Product :: Zig Posterman Paint Markers

Zig Posterman Paint Markers
Review by Jenny Doh

2These markers have a broad chisel tip that allows for large, broad, juicy strokes on almost any surface including paper, plastic, wood, glass, and metal. The paint dries fast and is waterproof. Add little dit dots of white onto the black or other dark colors for added coolness.

Zig Posterman marker
Learn more here.


PRODUCT :: Fairy Dust Glitter

Fairy Dust Glitter by Donna Salazar for Clearsnap (Colorbox)
Review by Jenny Doh

fairy dust glitter
Q: What's better than glitter? 
A: Fine Fairy Dust Glitter that comes in a super cute shaker bottle, of course.

fairy dust glitter

It's the perfect glitter to add just the bit of shimmer and sparkle to all of your paper crafting projects.

Learn more here.


PRODUCT :: Mix'd Media Inx by Donna Salazar for Clearsnap

Mix'd Media Inx by Donna Salazar for Clearsnap (Colorbox)
Review by Jenny Doh

I love a great inkpad ...

IMG_0610... and Clearsnap has come out with a line pigment-based inkpads with Donna Salazar that I love. Here are just three of the yummy colors that are available: Honey, Peridot, and Jasmine.

These inks are slow-drying and can be used for embossing, distressing and oh yeah, stamping. And because they are round, they work wonderfully for direct-to-paper methods as you blend colors together. I used the eraser of a pencil to make little dots for this quick and easy page. So fun.

Learn more here.


PRODUCT :: Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica 0.3 mm Pen

Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica 0.3 mm Pen

Pentel Hybrid Technica
I discovered this pen earlier in the year when I was visiting my hometown, Bakersfield, California. I had forgotten to bring my favorite journaling pens with me on this trip so I went into a local stationery store there and ended up picking this one up.

Ever since then, I've fallen in love with the Hybrid Technica. It is pigmented ink that goes on all papers I've tried it on oh-so-smoothly. It doesn't bleed or fade, and even with the cap off for some time, it doesn't dry out.

I have tried the 0.4, 0.5, and 0.6 sizes ... and they are all great. But for some reason, I really love the 0.3. It's become my everyday pen ... for journaling, doodling, and note-taking.

Learn more here.


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