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Twelve by Twelve Art Quilter :: Terri Stegmiller

:: Terri Stegmiller ::

Art quilting, for me, started out as I think it probably starts out for most quilters.  I started with traditional quilting around 1994.  My grandmother was a quilter but for some reason I didn't really take notice of quilts at that time in my life.  I started to take interest when I met my then future mother-in-law.  I soon started yearning for a sewing machine.  I wanted a sewing machine? I hated sewing in home economics classes in school, so this was a surprise to me.

Terri Stegmiller
Well, time went on and I found myself getting a bit bored with it, the traditional stuff, that is.  I found myself browsing the Internet a lot in the late 1990's.  The Internet was very new to me around that time frame and I wasn't aware of what was out there.  Somehow I started finding all kinds of information on art quilting and my interest level really perked up.

Terri Stegmiller

I made a few so-called art quilts and while I was getting more experience under my belt, I started noticing all the hype about mixed-media.  Soon I was playing with all these fun products.  There are many techniques I have played with over time, some I enjoy more than others.  They all seem to have a time and place, depending on what I'm making and what technique might be the best one to use for any given design. 

Terri Stegmiller
I started blogging around 2006 and because of it, I've made many online friends.  Without blogging I wouldn't have had the opportunity to have the experiences I've had and become involved in many of the things I've done.  If I hadn't been blogging, I wouldn't be a part of this wonderful Twelve by Twelve group.  Being a part of this group has been a highlight in my art quilting life.  These life-time friends will impact me and my artistic life forever.  I'm so happy to have been invited to be a member.  The inspiration I receive from my fellow Twelves is phenomenal.

The 12x12 International Art Quilt Challenge can be viewed at www.twelveby12.org

See more of Terri's work at stegart.blogspot.com.



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Being a part of this group has been a highlight in my art quilting life. These life-time friends will impact me and my

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