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January 10, 2015

CBP: Crescendoh Bridge Press

Crescendoh Bridge Press (CBP) is a program that provides the following services for those who would like to self-publish a book through Amazon's Create Space program:

  • copyediting, technical editing, and proofreading
  • graphic design and layout
  • photography
  • project management
  • technical know-how

More details about the CBP program are outlined below.

One of the main reasons self-published books look "self-published" is because frequently, they are produced with one or more elements involved with book publishing that lack the expertise needed for the end product to look professional. The elements usually involve words, and sometimes photography, and sometimes illustration and always graphic design and layout. You may be a professional photgrapher who needs help just with the words and the graphic design. Or maybe you need photography services and you need major copyediting services. Whatever your needs may be, CBP can help as much or as little as you want.

If you are interested in using CBP services, you can send an email to [email protected]. From there, we will ask you some questions about your book project and then assuming that your project is ready for our services, we will create a unique estimate of costs for services, based on your projected needs. If you are agreeable to that estimate, we will develop an editorial schedule with deadlines that we all move forward with.

Believe it or not, what we do is the easy part. The hard part is actually developing the actual content. The hard part may be something that takes you a lifetime to achieve. Maybe you've already achieved it. Maybe there is a manuscript you've written and it's just sitting there but you just don't know how to get the technical parts done. If that's you, you're ready for CBP. If you haven't written anything yet, but just have a dream, or if you want to write something but you don't really know what you want to write about, you're probably not ready for CBP. We are a program that can take your quality content that you've worked diligently on from start to finish, to the final phase of getting it self-published.

Think of it this way. You're an aspiring playwright. You're at a party and you realize that you are sitting next to a great producer of plays. So you tell the producer of your aspirations. And the producer says "Show me what you've written and maybe I will consider producing it." So ... do you have something that you've written that can be produced or do you not?

If you are interested in making a book with beauty shots of your finished art AND step-outs of your art in-progress, we will let you know how to prepare the art both in the in-progress stages and final stage to ship to us. Once that is done, we will take all the photos that are required to create a project-based art book. Don't worry. We know how to do this. Very very well. :)

One of the services that CBP does NOT offer is marketing. We will offer you tips on how to utilize social media platforms to get your book noticed but CBP will be unable to provide marketing services.

So you want to write and self-publish a book? Go write it. And then if you feel you are ready for us and want the services we have to offer, let us know. We'll be ready.


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