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October 02, 2017

Frame of Power


In the recent piece by Carina Chocano (Attention Deficit, @nytimes Magazine), we learn that "how we are directed to look at something determines what we are. Framing is important ... because framing is power." She sites the work of author #JohnBerger (Ways of Seeing) which delves into how a person who says things like "let's keep politics out of it" and "let's stay focused and not get distracted" IS being political by the very fact that that they are shaping what gets framed into the picture, they are shaping what is discussed.


So today, in the wake of the act of terrorism in #LasVegas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders says in the press room in response to a journalist asking about gun control policies that "now is not the time to talk about Gun Control." In other words, now IS the time to continue marginalizing the topic of gun control as a "distraction." Framing.


When #ColinKaepernick peacefully takes a knee to shine light on the killings of unarmed black people by bad cops, power seeks to not just marginalize but demonize such non-violent acts of protest as "distractions" that inconvenience 'mericans who want to just watch ball (or just watch the Emmys or just watch ESPN or just enjoy (fill in the blank)). Cause Trump doesn't like his entertainment interrupted or being inconvenienced ... because ... all together now: "NOW is NOT the TIME" ... and if he could, he'd fire that brown-skinned "son of a bitch" and any others who don't neatly yield to his frame of power.


#thetimeisnow #resist #getintheframe

#resistancelog #artandactivismlog #blacklivesmatter does not mean #anticop it means #antibadcop



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